D.O.A. (DOA) We Come In Peace


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DOA nie próżnuje i wydaje album za albumem. To ich bodaj 14 studyjna płyta. Mocno polityczna, w starym dobrym stylu DOA. Wśród gości stary kumpel – Jello Biafra. (2012)

Sudden Death Records is ecstatic to announce the release of We Come in Peace, the new studio album from Canada’s legendary punk pioneers. DOA’s 14th studio album takes a determined political stance with the songs “We Occupy,” “Dirty Bastards,” “We’re Bloodied But Unbowed” and a cover of Toxic Reasons’ classic “War Hero.” We Come in Peace also features a heavy slice of ska, reggae and dub with tracks like “Walk Through This World.” You’ll also get your head ripped clean off on the crushing anthems “Boneyard,” “Bring Out Your Dead” and “Who the Hell Do You Think You Are.” Canada’s godfather of hardcore punk Joe Keithley also got some cool friends to sing on the record—Jello Biafra, Ben Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) and Hugh Dillon (Headstones)—and DOA also recorded a great version of The Beatles’ “Revolution.” It’s now a real barnburner! Already drawing early raves, We Come In Peace is a soon-to be classic DOA release.
1     He’s Got A Gun
2     Boneyard
3     Dirty Bastards
4     Do You Wanna
5     We’re Bloodied But Unbowed
6     Bring Out Your Dead
7     War Hero
8     We Occupy
9     Who The Hell Do You Think You Are
10     Lost Souls
11     The Man With No Name
12     Revolution
13     Walk Through This World
14     General Strike (acoustic – CD only)
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