D.O.A. (DOA) Northern Avenger


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Prowadzony od ponad 30 lat przez ojca chrzestnego kanadyjskiego punk rocka Joe Shitheada, DOA osiągnął już wiek męski, choć wciąż przypomina, że domeną punk rocka jest rozbrykana młodość. Ich wydana dopiero co plyta to powrót do brzmienia z czasów „Hardcore 81” (nawet nagrano ją pod okiem kolesia, który ongiś realizował pierwszego singla DOA). Jednocześnie czytelna synteza punkowej postawy typowej od lat dla DOA, łączącej prześmiewczy humor z konkretną postawą polityczną. Dziadkowie punk rocka nie pękają!!!  2008.

Wow this is pretty fucking good. I’ve been listening to DOA for over 20 years and this is their best album in a long time, there’s not a bad one on here. The sound is great, really crisp and clear, the drums in particular sound really good and Joey has written some of his best songs since probably Hardcore 81. They do mix it up somewhat in terms of styles, but unlike their last effort (Live Free of Die), this actually works well. It’s pretty close to „Win the Battle” in terms of production and song structure and for me that’s damn good!! Some of the melodies really hark back to their glory days, without sounding repetitive or over-used, the musicianship is top drawer (in particular Joeys guitar work) and the vocals/lyrics are right on the mark. DOA can be hit or miss sometimes, and after so many years it must be difficult to come up with the goods but this delivers. Great album, highly recomended.

1       Human Bomb
2     Golden State
3     Devil’s Speedway
4     Poor Poor Boy
5     Donnybrook
6     Police Brutality
7     Mountains That We Climbed
8     This Machine Kills Fascists
9     How Long Till The Day
10     Set Them Free
11     Who Will Stop The Rain
12     Still A Punk
13     Last Chance
14     California Hardcore
15     Crossfire

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