D.O.A. (DOA) Fight Back RED VINYL


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Kanadyjczycy trzymają się mocno. Premierowa płyta DOA z 2018 roku.

D.O.A., Canada’s legendary pioneering punks who set the bar high for punk and basically invented hardcore, are ready to rip it up on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. They have a brand new album: Fight Back, and they are embarking on a worldwide tour to support this impressive new effort, taking on all opposition and laying down a punk rock path of wild music and free thought. Their rough and ready line up is led by the godfather of hardcore, Joe Shithead Keithley (guitar, vocals), and he is more than ably accompanied by the manic rhythm section of Paddy Duddy (drums) and Corkscrew (bass). Early reviews are saying that this album is the most innovative the band has done since War On 45. Released on Keithley’s own label Sudden Death, this is a scathing and timely piece. dealing with all manner of unseemly low characters and issues. The album opens with acerbic “You Need an Ass Kickin’ Right Now,” then rips right into the startling “Killer Cops,” then smashes into the anthemic “Time To Fight Back,” which is street punk resistance at its fiercest. The band rips through the timely “Gonna Set You Straight” with violent and natural ease, same goes with the vitriolic “Just Got Back From the USA.” The album takes a funny twist with “We Won’t Drink This Piss” (down with bad corporate beer!) and “You Can’t Stop Me,” where Keithley delves into the character of Slapshot’s playing coach Reggie Dunlop, a natural alter ego perhaps!

1     You Need An Ass Kickin’ Right Now
2     Killer Cops
3     Time To Fight Back
4     We Won’t Drink This Piss
5     Just Got Back From The USA
6     You Can’t Stop Me
7     Gonna Set You Straight
8     State Control
9     The Last Beer
10     The Cops Are Comin’
11     I’m Desperate
12     Wanted Man
13     World’s Been Turned Upside Down

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